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What’s the Best Ukulele to Play?

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

In case you are a musician and performer looking to purchase a ukulele your choices available are usually mind-boggling. There are plenty of recognized ukulele brands with various styles and sizes to select from. Therefore for all those puzzled musicians, here’s a quick guide to selecting a ukulele appropriate for an individual.

For the newbie ukulele player, an excellent initial ukulele is the Lanikai LU-21 range. Not simply because its very inexpensive, they’re properly assembled and are typically at least constructed good enough for newbies not to have any kind of issues with them. In case you go for more affordable brands than this, you’re probably to come across difficulties in the manner the ukulele is created. For instance, you may encounter tuning problems or perhaps incorrect intonation as well as a prevalent dilemma of frets not positioned correctly. One more edge is that the Lanikai LU-21 is one of several few basic level ukuleles that is available in every sizes: soprano, concert (LU-21C), tenor (LU-21T) as well as baritone (LU-21B).

For all those intermediate ukulele players, you may choose to improve the quality and also the cost; therefore your selections may be a Kala and also Ohana ukuleles. Be sure to obtain a solid wood ukulele if you’re investing a considerable sum of money since certainly they will provide you with a much better sound. Kala and Ohana equally create their ukuleles in the East which maintains down the value of the ukulele but does imply you will get absolutely nothing like the attention to details you will with the higher end Hawaiian produced ukuleles. Nonetheless, it’s really worth putting up with the odd gremlin for the much better sound.